Improving your quality of life, helping you get and stay active, and getting you back to doing what you love!

Preventing injuries, rehabilitating current injuries on field and in a clinical setting.

Reconditioning to improve post injury or prepare for sports/recreational activity participation.

Yoga, full body workouts to improve mobility, strength and improve movement quality.

Sakinah is the best! I started seeing her for knee and back pain (that had been bothering me for years) over 6 months ago. She designed a super engaging exercise program for me, and I am now moving better, feeling stronger, and am very glad I went to see her. She answers all of my many questions very patiently, and is quick to provide excellent suggestions for alternative movements. If you are looking for a tailored treatment and movement program for what works for you, look no further. Thanks Sakinah! - Andrea

Sakinah is a motivating and knowledable Athletic Therapist. She makes every stretch, workout & movement meaningful and challenging. In regular training sessions she is full of energy and positivity, always looking to push us to the next level. Her online sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic have shown her dedication to her clients, and our health and fitness. I look forward to them all week! - Megan

“I've loved Sakinah's workouts :) I am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to continue with those workouts during the last year.

 For me my goal started as weight loss (I lost 35lbs!) and now I'm more focussed on moving my body and making sure I am feeling good every single day... which those classes really do for me!!

Lockdown has been tough for everyone so I'm happy you're all there to keep our physical, mental and emotional health in check and it's best!"- Megan

"thanks for keeping me sane during this quarantine!”

“That WAS a tough one, loved it!!"

“Thanks so much for your super classes, I'm having a great time suffering.”


“Your classes are a god sent. Thank you for doing this…”

"Loving the online yoga 🧘‍♀️ and workout 💪 schedule ... especially this month👍 A great way to start my day, even on the days I don't feel like moving..."

"Today’s workout was crazy good. I loved it…"

"Nice mix of exercises today. I feel like we touched every part of our bodies. You’re the best…"

"Great Class. Thank you so much!"

"Amazing Yoga..."

"Sakinah was very clear with her instructions and super helpful and kind"

"This is my first experience with yoga and I feel renewed after every session. Your voice is so calming. Thank you! xo"

"Thank You For A Grandiose Workout As Always, Especially Since We're Working From Home Recently."

"Everything was perfect"

"Sakinah has given me something very valuable. My health and strength have improved so much since I started her workouts! I’m so grateful to her, for helping me regain my physical fitness. Thank you Sakinah!"

"It is so great to be able to do classes virtually, with a live person who is so motivational, passionate and helps you push yourself. Thank you for motivating me with your words of encouragement and assistance when needed on aches and pains :) The variety is great and I enjoy getting a sweat on with the team! Thank you!!"

She's the best!!!!!!!!!THE BEST!!!!!...

Sakinah was brought in to work with our high school football teams in the fall of 2016. Football injuries can be common with high school teams and we needed to make sure our students/athletes were taken care of.

From day 1, Sakinah was involved and active. She was making sure that all students had a baseline test, she assured and reassured parents of the proper protocols in the case of an injury. Sakinah developed a strength and conditioning plan for all our players to make sure they were doing everything they can to prevent injuries.

The thing that parents, coaches, players and school administration love most about Sakinah is how thorough she is. Everything she does is documented, in the event of an injury Sakinah follows up with the players and parents to make sure the proper protocols are being followed and the health of the injured player is recovering well. Sakinah will email and call parents on her own time, evenings or weekends- whatever is necessary. Sakinah’s calm demeanor and approachable character make her very enjoyable to work with.  

Our only regret was not bringing her to work with our teams before 2016. - Steve

Within four months and to my surprise, after starting my workouts with Sakinah, I could feel that I was progressing slowly but surely.

She was instrumental in getting me and my back on the recovery track not only toward pursuing my passion with golf but also more generally in terms of ensuring my quality of life as I age.

Her private sessions were carefully crafted for a back in crisis ( DISH- Spasms- Arthritis) and we , quite appropriately, started with cardio, then systematic stretching and range of motion work along with core work, all done without further irritation of my  back because Sakinah was very attuned to to my and my bodies feedback.

Accordingly,I would have no hesitation in recommending Sakinah as she is knowledgeable, attentive, and flexible in her approach as exemplified by our working on line during the covid-19 period.  - JPL, Montreal